DIY Oak Triangle Pyramid Blocks


Set of 3 or 6 or more DIY project oak triangle blanks.

Sets of blank oak hardwood wooden triangle/tree/pyramid blocks (sold in sets of 3 or sets of 6 or more) are smoothly sanded and ready for your DIY project! These are perfect for creating your own set of blocks, decorating as a craft activity, wood burning projects, or everyday play!

All pieces are 3/4″ thick and measure 4 5/8″W x 2.25″H and they stand nicely on their own.

Trees/triangles/pyramids are custom made from premium oak hardwood, sanded, and unfinished. There are no knots, and all pieces are ready for your DIY project. (Keep in mind it’s still wood, so there could be small imperfections.)

Set of?

Set of 3, Set of 6, Set of 9, Set of 12, Set of 15, Set of 18, Set of 20


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