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Rustic Economy Square Planter Box




The Rustic Planter box is by far the most size that this manufacturer sells and it is easy to see why. Built exclusively from new cedar farm inspired planters boxes can be used almost anywhere. Fill them with succulents, add mason jars to make a stunning centerpiece, put keys, receipts or wallets in it for safe keeping, place small books in it to make a unique book holder, stand it on its end for added utility, the possibilities are endless. This item is constructed of all new cedar and wears a protective, all season, coating of their custom in-house oil blend. Each box is absolutely unique and no 2 will ever be the same.

These planter boxes come in two different sizes:

  • Length – 5 in. or 10 in. 
  • Width – 5 in. or 10 in. 
  • Height – 4 in. or 4 in. 

Additional information


10" x 10" x 4", 5" x 5" x 4"


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